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William Doonan is a dedicated tax attorney in the Bronx. With 35+ years experience and a genuine desire to help others, William has been the tax attorney of choice for a diverse clientele since he opened his own business in 1981.

Many of William’s clients play important roles in the community — such as teachers, nurses, construction workers, police officers, firemen and more — and Doonan is honored to do his part in helping them take control of their finances. He specializes in itemizing returns for Civil Service workers.  He educates them on what they are entitled to and what expenses they can write off.  Many civil service workers can write off their union dues, uniforms, supplies, business phone calls and more, allowing them to save money and focus on what matters most.

William Doonan himself has a long history in the many moving parts that work together to keep his community thriving. He is a former New York City public school teacher, having taught math for thirty years. Doonan is also proud to have many friends and family members who serve their community in various capacities. Both of his brothers were teachers as well, while William’s wife is a former nurse.

Work with Public Servants

William Doonan also has numerous personal connections to the NYPD and FDNY. His best friend was a police officer in NYPD for thirty years.  His brother in law was a captain of the Port Authority and two of his brothers-in-law were FDNY firemen who worked during 9/11 and sacrificed a lot during the cleanup at Ground Zero. Doonan greatly admires the people who work hard to make this city and this country great.

Presently, William takes every opportunity he can find to honor his municipal fire department and police force. He annually attends fundraisers for the FDNY and NYPD, and previously used to attend the Firehouse Christmas parties and give back during the holidays every year.

William grew up humbly in Eastchester Projects in Bronx, NY. As a member of the baby boomer generation he learned to appreciate the values of hard work, kindness, and dedication. To this day Doonan carries these values with him. From his overall professionalism to his free consultations and additional free representations, William Doonan aims to help his community and make high-quality tax services available to anyone who needs them.

In honor of many of William’s clients, this blog will focus on news in community and civil service in New York City, particularly regarding the NYPD and FDNY.