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New York City is a very vibrant city at all times of the year. However, something about the Fall and Winter seasons make it a bit more special. Some of the biggest events of the year take place during the latter months, and here’s a guide to a few of the ones that stand out according to

-The most famous one of all has been featured in various movies and everyone seems to know about it – the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. The best floats and balloons of the year all congregated in a happy festive atmosphere down a major New York City street, it has absolutely everything to create a top spectacle for anyone of any age.

-The Village Halloween Parade. Every October 31st people do their best to dress up as whatever they wish, going all out on dressing as their favorite characters or even old favorites like zombies and vampires, zooming around the East Village. A visual feast that will leave people impressed with all of the fantastic costumes.

-Halloween Festivities. Plenty of festivities are present as the Masquerade Halloween After Party happens every year on 204 Varick St – it provides a great nightcap after the parade and having a good experience at the Pumpkin Flotilla, which features the carving of pumpkins sent through the Harlem Meer.

-Secret Singles Masquerade Gamenight. There is a place where people looking for a great night out can meet each year, with plenty of food and drink for all. Dress up in the best clothing and masks and have a good time.

-Christmas Spectacular. The famous show featuring the Rockettes takes center stage every holiday season as the 90-minute show dazzles spectators featuring amazing scenes of dancing and singing combined with Holiday scenes. The show runs two months of the year from November to the start of January.

-Rockefeller Center’s Ice Skating Rink. The scene of many movie shots, this legendary rink is always filled to the brim with people looking for that majestic authentic New York experience, and what a better way to get it than with the scenic ice skating rink in the heart of midtown Manhattan. Be careful to arrive early however as with many of these attractions they are sure to get packed? However, it’s worth it as there is nothing better!