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The Fire Department of New York (FDNY) saves lives every day and although we all know the main duties– it’s more than just about putting out fires. In addition to emergency rescues, the Fire Department of New York City also manages a number of programs to help the community on a daily basis.


It all starts with this safety awareness program. The fire department uses a mascot named Hotdog to teach important safety lessons to children, while keeping it fun and entertaining. The program teaches classic lessons, such as Stop, Drop, and Roll, and updated safety tips for the modern age. They offer a coloring book on fire safety.

FDNY Fire Safety Education Program

This is a program geared towards citizens of all ages, teaching useful tips on how to prevent fires. The goal is to reduce fire-related deaths throughout the city and it has worked. The fire department reports that their awareness efforts have helped reduce deaths significantly over the past two decades. The program offers presentations to area schools, tours of the city’s fire departments, and real experience aboard a Mobile Fire Safety Experience Trailer.

FDNY Be 911 CPR Program

The New York City Fire Department is also helping the community to help itself by offering CPR training courses. It should be noted that, although the 30 minute course is free of charge, it does not offer certification. It trains individuals on the proper procedure for administering compressions and also provides automated external defibrillator (AED) training.

The FDNY Juvenile Fire-Setters Intervention Program

This is an effort on behalf of the fire department to educate children on the dangers of playing with fire and to identify young children under 12 who may be at risk. The FDNY offers free assistance to anyone who suspects that a child has developed a habit of setting fires. The program is confidential and personnel are trained on the best ways to cope with these children.

The New York Fire Department wants to reduce fires and the injuries and deaths caused by them. The best way to do that is to organize events, programs, and activities aimed at raising awareness and education. While many of their programs are aimed at children, everyone is encouraged to participate or to speak with fire department personnel. Open communication helps the FDNY save lives.