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New York is one of the most populated places in the world. With millions of people living in a small area on the East coast of the United States, it’s easy to get lost and mix up locations in confusion. While you may have thought it to be just one major location, New York City encompases a total of five divisions called boroughs that section the city. Although the term NYC is used ambiguously, the 5 boroughs help to avoid confusion. Here are the 5 boroughs explained.

The Bronx

As the Northernmost point in NYC, The Bronx is mostly surrounded by mainland unlike the other boroughs with plenty of rivers and waterways off of the coast. Being in Bronx County, The Bronx was separated from New York County in 1914. One of the biggest draws to The Bronx is that it’s home to Yankee Stadium, the location of the New York Yankees baseball team. Another attraction here is The Bronx Zoo which is the world’s largest metropolitan zoo.


Manhattan sits in New York County and even though its the smallest geographical borough of NYC, it’s also the most populated. Tourists from all over the globe come to Manhattan for the typical New York experience when wanting to see the city. Some of the biggest and most popular attractions are Time Square, Central Park, Chinatown, and Wall Street are all located in Manhattan. When you think of “NYC”, Manhattan is the pictured view.

You may have heard of “Uptown New York” and wondered what the difference is between Uptown and Downtown NYC. Upper Manhattan is a known to be a more elegant area in the city where Central Park separates Uptown into the Upper East Side and the Upper West Side. Above Central Park is Harlem, which is known for intimate jazz clubs and an energetic nightlife hub.


Homed in Kings County, Brooklyn is known for its cultural, social, and ethnic diversity with in New York’s most populous area and sits just west of Long Island. One of this borough’s famous attractions is the Brooklyn Bridge– one of the oldest roadway bridges in the United States. Another famously known attraction is Brooklyn’s very own Coney Island, a popular beach front with rides and attractions for all ages.


Opposite to Manhattan, Queens is the largest borough of New York City and is the easternmost part of NYC. Its famously known as the home to the baseball team, The New York Mets. Queens also sees many faces come in and out through the John F. Kennedy International Airport. Having the most diversified economy, Queens would be the most ethnically diverse urban area in the world if it were its own city.

Staten Island

Known as the most suburban area in all of New York City, Staten Island connects to Brooklyn via the Verrazano-Narrow Bridge. The Staten Island Ferry is what transports people between Manhattan and Staten Island which is a free commuter means of transportation for locals and tourists alike. Staten Island is also known for having the most natural land– the Staten Island Greenbelt.

New York City is an iconic city not only in all of the United States, but also in the world. From historical attractions like the Statue of Liberty to high fashion and shopping locations, no matter which borough you visit, you’re bound of find a piece of this city you’ll love.